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Conquer your inner space with a Murphy bed
         Whether you want to make the most of limited space in a studio apartment or you want to host weekend guests in a comfortable bedroom without the expense of building an extra wing on your home, consider the advantages of a fold-away Murphy bed, custom-built by Jim Norman.



Unlike a convertible couch, a custom-built Murphy bed is a real bed, with a real mattress of your choice. Sweet dreams will be yours (or your guests') with a Murphy bed. And, because it stores away in its own cabinet, you won't have to sacrifice the floor space in your den or home office to enjoy the benefits of a real bed.

A custom Murphy bed can be built in an endless variety of styles, with woods and colors to match any decor. It can be made an integral part of a wall system, with book shelves and cabinets to enhance your lifestyle.

The bed can be built to accommodate a twin, full double, or queen-sized mattress, and it can be oriented so it opens lengthwise into the room, or horizontally so it opens sideways.

Once you have a Murphy bed, you really will wonder how you managed to get by without one for so long. So call or e-mail Jim Norman and make an appointment for a free evaluation of your situation and suggestions for the best way to fit your own custom-built Murphy bed into your space. Phone (201) 836-0148, Cell phone (201) 982-5276, e-mail Jim@JimNormanArt.com.